How to update Garmin GPS? – Beginner’s guide

The Garmin map update devices rely on the software along with the guide to accurately use it. With the help of this software, you can easily find out the appropriate directions to reach the destination without getting information from others. You cannot trust anybody nowadays, so in spite of asking anyone about the directions, you can easily download the Garmin GPS map update on your vehicle. It is also required to Garmin map update from time to time as any information that is recently come regarding the map updates will be informed to you. Remember, if you have no idea regarding the Garmin GPS map update then this content is very much helpful to you. Go through the guidelines given in this article.

How to access Garmin express map update in a single click?

Can you update and access the Garmin map update on your own? Do you wish to know the possible way to access the map update? Here in this section, you can find the updates Garmin map. There are basically two methods by which you can perform the Garmin map update. The first and foremost method is to update using Garmin express map update. The second method is to use maps from other sources. In case, both the methods don’t work for you then you can take assistance from the Garmin map updates customer service via helpline number available on the website.

Effective guidelines required for Garmin GPS map update

Just follow the instructions carefully that are given in this section and make sure that you do not skip any step during the update of the software. Here are these steps along with methods necessary:

Method 1: Garmin map update GPS via Garmin express map update

The most important and commonly used method is to update the Garmin map via Garmin express. Below are certain steps that you can follow to do the same without any interruptions.

  • The first and foremost thing is to open the web browser and type the official URL for Garmin express map update in the search bar.
  • You will see the Garmin express page where you will see the “Download” button.
  • Tap on the download button to download the Garmin Express setup file. You can then download the Garmin map update on your Mac and Windows.
  • Once you download the setup file, just install the Garmin express file.
  • For windows, you have to tap on the setup file on the downloaded folder. Just follow the prompts to “Install” page and tap on “I have read the terms and conditions” tab.
  • When it is loading you have to tap on the “Install” option and tap on the “Yes” button.
  • For Mac, you have to open the Garmin map updates file and tap and drag on the “Garmin” app icon to the “Applications” folder.

Point to remember:  The Garmin GPS map update cannot be installed on the Chromebook and Linux systems.

  • Once you install on your Windows or Mac OS, connect the Garmin device using the USB port.
  • After this, you will see the Garmin logo on the screen that will indicate the connection was successful.
  • Open the “Garmin Express” app icon and tap on the “Get Started” option.
  • Tap on the “Add a device” option followed by the “Add Device” button in the given order.
  • Follow the instructions given on-screen.
  • Tao on the “Install all” option and then Garmin map updates will appear on-screen.
  • Once the installation is completed just disconnect the Garmin.

Method 2: Garmin GPS map update from other sources

With other sources, you can easily perform a Garmin map update on your own. If you are finding difficulties in the same process, then you can make an instant connection. Here are the steps that can be used to updates Garmin map software. Here are the steps that are given below:

  • The first step is to open the web browser and go to the official Garmin website.
  • Select the “Generic Routable” button as your Map type.
  • You can either choose a “Pre-defined country” or you can build a customized map.
  • Choose the country of your choice and download the file by tapping on the “Download map now” link.
  • Go to the “Building a Customized Map” section and tap on the “Enable tile selection” tab using the map.
  • Use the up and down arrows and tap on the tiles you want, you can request your map too.
  • After request, you will receive the emails for telling you the map is working and you will send a link where you can check the status.
  • In the second email link, you can download the map update.
  • Move the downloaded map file on the SD card under the “Garmin” file.
  • In order to set up the map, just turn on the device and tap on the “Setup” file.
  • Search for the “Map” and then open it. After this, tap on the “Map Information” button.

Get the latest Garmin map update news with latest features for users

When you Garmin map update on your device, then the complete list of upcoming features that you can access. Therefore, in spite of ignoring the update, this software just follows anyone of the methods directed in this article that will help you to update. If you have any issues in performing the Garmin express map update, then feel free to dial the helpline number. You can also call the customer support assistants to get your queries resolved in no time.

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