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Privacy Notice

At, the privacy of the customers is our utmost priority and hence we use specific measures to safeguard your privacy, under any circumstances. In this policy, we have given detailed information regarding how your data is used on our website and what measures do we take to secure it.

How do we collect your information?

Our website owners may collect your personal data by the following means after you give us your consent to use your data. This includes the data you have shared with us or about your website visit. Here is how your data is collected:

  • The personal data you share with us at the time of registration for getting services, news, or events.
  • Also, the information you made us available when you register to our website for seeking any kind of service.

Information that we collect

The information collection that we do on our website includes the following details

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Phone number
  • Information about your computer
  • Or, your visits to this website
  • IP address
  • Geographical location
  • Type of web browser
  • Sources of referral
  • Duration of visit
  • Number of times you visit or page

This information helps us and our service providers to improve the website usability and your experience on our website.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies in order to serve different purposes for improving your site experience. If you do not know what cookies are, then you may do a Google search about it. However, a cookie is a text file that a website sends on your device each time you visit the website. These cookies store some information regarding your browser whenever you visit the website. This helps our website to identify as well as track you each time you visit our website. These are sent to the hard drive of your device and the collected from the owners of this website. This not only improves the website usability and for fostering your experience.

This also helps us in recognizing your device when you visit and offer you a customized experience or to process the services/products you have requested for.

In most of the websites, you are provided with an option to accept or decline cookies. However, if you accept the cookies at that time, then you also have the option to disable it later.

Use of your personal data

If you submit any personal data to our website, it will only be used for specific purpose that too only after seeking your consent. We may also share your data to our partner websites for fulfilling your request as some of the requested services might not be available to us.

How do we process your information?

We take highest security measures to process your request and we make use of your data lawfully and fairly. We keep everything transparent on our website and thus it will be used for only legitimate purposes. Also, it will be used only where it is necessary. However, we take all the security measures to keep your data confidential.

Securing your personal data

We take highest precautionary measures to avoid the loss of your data, under any circumstances. We do not misuse or alter your personal data until it is requested by you. However, you must acknowledge that the data is shared over the internet is not secured and may get vulnerable during transmission. Thus, we do not guarantee you of the security of the data you share with us.

Data retention policy

The personal data shared by you or processed on our website is kept until it is necessary and is not kept for longer duration than we serve you. Also, we use it only to carry out the purpose for which you have shared it with us. However, you may choose to unsubscribe from our services. Whenever you do so, we delete all the personal data from our website. But, some of it might be retained for the purpose of keeping the record.

Visitor’s Rights

The visitors or the users of this website have the following rights if they visit our website:

  • Data deletion: in some cases, you may ask us for the removal of your data as you have all the control of the personal data you share with us.
  • Rectification of data: in case you have mistakenly provided any data to us or there is some error in it, then you may ask us to rectify it.
  • Restrict us for data processing: users also have the right to request us to stop the processing of your data in case you want to make any changes to it or wish to get it verified.
  • Right to access: you can ask our website owners to tell you about the confirmation of the data. Also, you can ask us to get a copy of it in a readable format.

Amendments to the privacy policy

The privacy policy of is subject to change without giving any prior notice to the users because we need to update it from time-to-time. At times, you may get a notification about it and at times you may not. As soon as we make the amendments, it will be updated on our website with the date of the update.

Info regarding third-party websites

On our website, you may come across links to the third-party websites available here but these sites have their specific policies. Thus, we do not have any control over these websites or their terms of use. You must visit or use these websites at your own responsibility as we do not have any control over these sites.

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